Photo Credit: My daughter, Hayley (9)

I am Anneli, the girl that feels super comfortable stepping into a meeting kaalvoet, wearing no shoes.

Also, when asked “how many strings of pearls does a person wear at one time?” The answer always is “all of them”
That is just me. The no nonsense, down-to-earth person.
I don’t like posing & pretending, I love natural and in-the-moment images.
I would classify myself as a documentary photographer and document moments as I see and experience them.

I’m a mom of three, I understand birth, babies, toddlers and kids.
I am human, I understand love & emotion.
I am a wife, I understand relationships.
I am a woman, I understand the need for empowerment and the need to feel worthy, accepted and beautiful.

My beautiful family. William, Emily (5), Hayley (9) and Shawn (11)

Photography wasn’t part of my life when growing up, I didn’t “always” want to be a photographer.
It just happened, I feel for a reason.
I used to be a music teacher until my son was born.
I live on a working citrus farm in the beautiful Gamtoos Valley with my husband William, and three gorgeous kids, Shawn, Hayley & Emily.

I am enjoying this adventure so much. I love life and I am happier than I have ever been.
I love meeting new people and telling people’s stories to the best of my ability.

Thanks for considering me to tell your story.

Much love and I hope we get to chat soon