There are always a lot a questions that you might not necessarily think of once you scroll through websites.

I have compiled a few of them in order for you to just know a little bit more about how I operate and how things work.

  1. What is your pricing like?
    My pricing is on par with where I see myself in the wedding industry. Please take a moment to send me an email or a message on social media. I will forward my investments to you and you can see whether or not I fit into your budget. As I mentioned in the wedding section, just because you think that my pricing is out of a certain budget, it doesn’t mean that I am not accommodating. Let’s chat about this.
  2. Do you work with a second photographer?
    Yes, I do. I have someone that I value and respect and trust to provide me with images of a similar standard to mine to fill in those gaps where I can’t always be. A wedding has a lot of detail and I can’t be everywhere at the same time. The second photographer is included in most investments and will not cost you anything extra.
  3. Do you edit all the images I receive?
    Yes! You will not receive any unedited work. I value my art and my abilities and I will not deliver something that has not been cleaned up.
    Editing however, can have a lot of different meanings. I do NOT fix bad wardrobe choices of guests and I have a “3-week-rule”. If a blemish or something in the image is not going to be there in 3 weeks, I will try my best to remove it. I don’t “make people thinner” or “take wrinkles out”.
  4. Do you travel to weddings?
    Yes, I travel to weddings throughout South Africa. I have had the pleasure to shoot weddings outside the Eastern Cape and would love to be considered as your wedding photographer, even though I am not living in your town. Travelling charges will apply, but they are reasonable and according to the AA standards provided.
  5. How many images do I receive?
    As you will see on my website, nowhere is a mention of the amount of images you will receive. That is because I don’t know how many images I will deliver to you. I don’t have a minimum amount of images I provide, but I give you everything you need to tell your complete story.
  6. Do you offer video services?
    Unfortunately, I only offer photography services, but have worked closely with a few videographers that I will recommend to you once you have started your journey with me.
  7. Do you provide black and white images?
    Yes, I will make the decision on which images I want to include as a black and white image. Black and white images are NOT in duplicate and you will not receive that same image in colour. You can however request it, and I will edit that image for you in colour.
  8. Are your images watermarked?
    No, the images that I put online on social media, will have my name on, but the ones that I deliver to you will have no watermark. I do however ask, that if and when you put wedding photos online, to please credit me as the photographer.
  9. Can I add a nice Instagram filter over my wedding images?
    No, under no circumstance may you edit an image I provide to you. If you are not happy with the way I have edited an image, please chat to me. My images are all pretty universal and I have a standard look that you can view in my wedding section.
  10. How do you describe your style and way of doing things on the day?
    I am a documentary wedding photographer. That means that I will document things as I see them happen and as I see and interpret them. I hardly ever ask anyone to “look at me”, other than when I am doing the family and formal wedding images. For the rest of it, I am just there in the background, doing my job.
  11. How does payment and booking work?
    You will receive a quotation and will pay a 25% non-refundable booking fee for me to take out your date from my diary. That date is now yours. You will pay the balance during the week before your wedding. You will receive my cancellation policy once you book my services. If you cancel within three months of your booked date, you will only receive your money back in the instance of me booking another wedding on that date.
    You’re welcome to make part payments every month, it does not have to be one amount at once.
  12. Tell me a bit more about your equipment and insurance?
    I shoot exclusively with the Fujifilm brand. It’s mirrorless cameras. I have more than one, so you can be sure that I have enough backup equipment at your wedding, in case something goes wrong! Currently I shoot with the XT2 and 3 and XH1 as well as a variety of lenses.
    All my equipment is insured and covered in the event of anything going wrong.
  13. Can my family and friends take pictures at my wedding too?
    Yes, I have no problem with other people taking photos at the wedding. BUT I do have a problem with people taking over and being in my way. Please ask your guests to not take photos when you come down the aisle – I don’t want to present you with images with a lot of cellphones in. I don’t have a problem telling people to move, please don’t see that as being aggressive. I am there to do an important job and I need everyone to respect my presence.
    When doing your formal wedding images, no guest will be allowed to join with their camera or cellphone.
  14. Can I send you some ideas of images that we like?
    You are welcome to send me images you found online. I do however not bring them to the wedding. I will keep them in mind, but don’t like to recreate and copy images that were created by other photographers. Why not create you own set of unique and beautiful images of your own?
  15. Am I awesome?
    I totally am!