Lifestyle photography is all those magical moments that we live for. The ahw-moments. I love capturing these moments as I feel they are pure and emotional and what better photo to take, than a REAL moment. The moments you can’t redo.

Lifestyle images follow an automatic story and I love falling in right at the beginning, usually at the engagement session. Those turn to weddings, to anniversaries and into families with amazing moments to share and capture.

Let me capture those for you. so you can relive them for the rest of your life.


Maternity images are taken at about 32 weeks. That is the time I feel you’re at your most beautiful. You are however welcome to move that forward to as far as 36 weeks, if you’re having a healthy pregnancy. We do these at the location of your choice. Daddy and your other children are welcome to join this session, but I do focus on you, the mom-to-be for the majority of the session.

We get a professional makeup artist & hairdresser in to help bring out that natural glow. Depending on the city, I have a few artists that I will recommend to you, once you have booked your session.


These new & fresh little bodies are the subject of many a mom’s Pinterest searches. The perfect newborn image. I however prefer to do things my way, a more natural way to document their littleness and size. Their freshness really only lasts a few days and I would love to shoot your little one/ones within the first 10 days after birth.

I don’t have any props of my own to do the “Pinterest” type newborn images, as I feel every photo should be unique.
I am however more than willing to produce those posed images for you at an additional cost, in order to either make, buy or rent the necessary props to create those requested images.

Newborn images are mostly done at the baby’s house. They know the smell, everything you need is right there (you will soon realise that you need to basically pack up your complete baby room to go anywhere) and they don’t need to go out into the world. Newborn sessions are NOT a one hour session. Things happen and we really have to put aside quite a bit of time for this session. We will try and schedule it during their sleep time and according to their schedule.


Families are awesome sessions. I have met the most amazing families in my career as photographer. For the most part I just ask people to be themselves, to enjoy each others’ company and to be happy. Those are the ingredients for the greatest moments. Laughter, comfort and enjoyment. Most people don’t even know that I am taking the photo, because that is how I like it. A natural approach. If however you want a more “formal” photo sessions with everyone looking at the camera and saying cheese, let’s go for it.

I do not encourage a white shirt and blue jean theme. Those have been done so many times. Let’s think out of the box and make this a happy, colourful session, away from being stereotypical. We’ll do these on location, depending on your request.
Here is a great article on how you should coordinate your family and their outfits for your session.


Christenings are such special times in any family and I love meeting your extended family on this day. I will shoot the actual ceremony as well as a short family session after church. If you would like me to skip the ceremony and only come on another day to shoot your baby in their christening gown, that too can be arranged. I spend approximately one hour with your family after church to shoot the tea (if you’re having one) as well as the family.