Other than the odd Valentine’s Ball, there really hasn’t been many opportunities for teenagers to get all dressed up, apart from their aunts wedding that one time?

That is why I LOVE doing Matric Farewell Dances. So much glitz and glam with so much attention to details like only they can.

As a preferred arrangement, I only book one learner per school for a given date. That way we are certain that I won’t need to rush off to someone else for their session, in the middle of yours as result of someone in the production line not keeping to their given timeline. You are however welcome to share the same slot with a best friend, on condition that I can do it all at the same location and I don’t need to travel anywhere.

It is much less stressful on us all and you get my exclusive attention!

Please get in touch with me the moment that your school releases your dance date. Don’t wait for the month ahead of the time. I can promise you, that all the photographers you really want, will be booked.