Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

A few years ago, I started a small and personal project on infertility as well as the loss of babies during pregnancy or soon after birth. As part of my project, I chatted to moms about their experiences and some of them showed me images of their babies. Some of them had no images to show.

I then realised that an image of their baby could have played such an important part in their healing and holding onto the memory of their journey to become a mom. Regardless of how long they held their baby, they were moms! Nothing about my own personal experience with birth and delivery ever prepared me for what I experienced through these courageous moms, about birth, about life and death and about the importance of an image.

Being a birth, lifestyle and newborn photographer, this journey can, hopefully not, but potentially cross my path one day. I feel that I needed to equip myself for every possible outcome of a pregnancy and birth to ensure that I can offer a complete service to you and your partner and family during this time.

I am a registered and approved affiliate photographer with the international Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep organisation.

I have done my training with the organisation and have gone through various scenarios and outcomes. I am allowed to photograph babies with a gestational age of anything over 22 weeks. This service is FREE OF CHARGE to moms and I will provide a selected number of images (in BLACK & WHITE) to you.

We offer parents experiencing the loss of a baby the complimentary gift of professional portraiture. Through an intimate portrait session, photographers gift families with delicately retouched black and white heirloom portraits.


I would like for you to contact me immediately if this journey is bestowed upon you as a mom. As part of my training and qualification I have been through a number of sessions to make sure that I am mentally and emotionally equipped to provide you with a professional service during this time of grief and loss. I know that photography will probably be the last thing on any persons’ mind, but after speaking to various people that have personally gone through this, they agreed that it will be an amazing tool to help any family with their grieving and healing process after the loss of a baby.

I am not discussing this with any of my moms during pregnancy or before we had a newborn session after birth, but the information is freely available from me if you feel the need to discuss this.

This is a confidential situation and your images are for your own personal use. I do not publish them online, I only release them to the parent/s.