Before any wedding, there is usually an engagement. The big moment where one party goes down on their knee to ask a big question. Hopefully the other party says yes and this will result in lots of butterflies and happiness and excitement.

This is also the time in your story where the bride starts looking for EVERYTHING wedding related online. This is a great time to look for a photographer as well. Engagement sessions are a brilliant way to get to know your photographer and their style and personality before the wedding. It is a great opportunity to discuss the images you receive after the engagement session to make sure what you get on your wedding day, is exactly what you want.


I know that weddings cost a lot of money and that you want the absolute best within your given budget. I also know that photography is one of the most important parts of your wedding story.

It IS your wedding story!

I have therefore made a few different options to make sure that everyone and their budgets are covered in my investment options.

From the “per-hour” option, to the full day, all inclusive wedding photography with albums for everyone other than the DJ. If one of these doesn’t work for you, let’s custom design a wedding photography investment that is unique to your wedding and to your budget. My investments are not set in stone, and if you tell me what you have in mind, I will give you the best possible quote I can, to make sure you get the wedding photos you deserve.

The Clementine Investment

As I mentioned, I know that wedding photography can take a big chunk out of your wedding budget. I have also been in the industry for long enough to know which images are the most important and which images matter the most to a bridal couple.

It’s those family and formal wedding photos, the ones going on the wall, that is the most important. This is why I have decided to add this Clementine option to my investment.

I will arrive for your ceremony and will cover those I do moments. I will continue to do your family images as well as those beautiful formal wedding images you would love to enlarge and put up on your wall.

This investment also counts for all smaller & intimate weddings for weddings less than 35 people. A minimum of 2 hours is required for this investment. This option does not include a second photographer, only my assistant and you will receive all your high resolution, edited images on a USB.

The Ruby Red Investment

This investment has proven over the years to be my “best selling” option, as it is open to building your unique investment to cover what you need it to, but to exclude the parts that is not really going to compliment your story.

I will arrive before your ceremony, around the time that your makeup is getting done. I will shoot the getting-ready part of your wedding day. There will also be a second photographer present to provide you with a second set of eyes on your day.

This investment includes everything including your ceremony, family images and your formal wedding photos. You have the option here to add the reception part of your day on a “per hour” basis, to make sure your investment stays budget friendly and to only add what you really need.

You will receive all your high resolution, edited images on a USB.

The Tango Investment

The Tango investment is my all inclusive investment. Everything the Ruby Red options has, plus a complete reception (to no later than 10pm).

I also includes an exclusive wedding album [photobook]. This is stunning album that is leather bound [other options available] and contains 100 images that tells your story. The couple will choose their own images for their album.

You will receive all your high resolution, edited images on a USB.

This investment, tells the complete story from start to finish.